O2 Pay & glo Advert Song

O2 Pay & glo TV Advert

UK’s mobile provider O2 encourages you to get all the brightest bits of O2 but without the contract, in a new advert.

The spot features a diverse cast with parts of their faces glowing in the dark while onscreen lines read “Say hello to Pay & glo. Get all the brightest bits of O2 but without the contract. 20GB for just 15. Plus the best of Priority”.

The soundtrack music is “Milk It” by Rony Rex ft. Carla Malone.

In another series of recent advert, the provider advertised its custom plans, which allow customers to customise their device contract to suit their individual needs. The contracts with O2 with custom plans can be between three and 36 months so customers can spread costs accordingly. Customers are also given the chance to modify data each month, based on their needs, and even choose when to upgrade.

O2 has also touted its Priority app, which gives customers the chance to save money on a variety of products, such as the Kitsound Diggit Bluetooth speaker, to purchase three-night breaks in different cities from across the world at convenient prices, enjoy 50% off up to five tickets to top UK attractions, and more, thanks to Priority Moments, an innovative location-based mobile service that shows nearby exclusive offers and experiences from a variety of brands.

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