Google Year in Search 2019 Commercial Song

Google Year in Search 2019 Commercial Sunshine

“Throughout history, in times of uncertainty, the world looks for heroes. In 2019, searches for heroes soared,” Google reveals in its “Year in Search 2019 video.

The 2-minute film shows the exact things Internet users searched for on the browser this year, along with relevant footage, including footage of real-life superheroes. “What kind of heroes are there?”, “real-life superheroes,” “people with superpowers,” “unsung heroes”, “unlikely heroes,” are among the searches.

Coastguard heroes arriving in the Abaco Islands, five young boys creating a rescue trampoline, the inspirational one-armed weightlifter, a relay of dogs who led a blind runner, the moment Nicholas Mahut’s 7-year-old son ran onto the court to give his dad a big hug after he had lost the French Open are only some of the moments included in the highly-anticipated video. Select footage from other shows and videos, such as “From Smithsonian Channel’s program ‘Black Hole Hunters’, “When They See Us,” “Stranger Things,” 2019 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating – Skate Canada footage, 2019 Rugby World Cup footage featuring South Africa, 2019 Wimbledon footage featuring highlights of Venus Williams vs Coco Gauff, is also presented.

The soundtrack is provided by Maggie Rogers’ “Back In My Body (SiloxBettinaBergström Remix)”.

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