Erste Group Christmas Advert Song – Bumblebees Trying to Fly

Erste Group Bank Christmas Commercial

Erste Group has released its Christmas 2019 commercial, encouraging people to believe in love and in Christmas.

The spot, titled “Hanna Bumblebee,” tells the story of Hanna, a bee who is determined to fly and has several attempts to do that, helped by her classmate, a bee boy who’s actually always there for here. However, their attempts result in failures until one night, when they go together at the Christmas fair and Hanna receives from her friend a new pair of glasses (a way to show his unconditional support and encourage her to pursue her dream of flying). She gives him a kiss on the cheek and this his little wings start flapping. He is then getting off the ground and Hana soon does the same thing, to her surprise.

The 90-second film ends with the two bees holding hands as they fly together near the Christmas tree, surrounded by dozens of other bees. The hashtags #believeinlove and #believeinchristmas flash across the screen before the banking group’s logo and #believeinyourself hashtag appear, as well.

The soundtrack is “Another Way,” a song specially created for the group’s holiday campaign and performed by Tender Trees feat. Chanele McGuinness.

Last year, the Central and Eastern European banking group won the competition for the cutest Christmas ad with “First Christmas,” an animated tale featuring a hedgehog who finally gets some love after having been rejected by his classmates because of his spines.

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