Visa Christmas Advert Song – Shopkeepers Singing Somebody to Love

Visa Christmas Advert Girl

Visa UK delivers “A Christmas message from the high street” in its Christmas ad, this year. The company has enlisted a team of independent shopkeepers to celebrate independent businesses on High Street across the country and encourage consumers to “show high street some love” and shop local this year.

The spot, released with the hashtag #WhereTheShopMatters, features thirteen shopkeepers, including barbers, music aficionados, booksellers, and sellers in various other shops, performing a cover of Queen’s “Somebody to Love”.

“Show your High Street some love” an onscreen line reads at the end of the video.

The TV ad, which made its debut during the Pride of Britain Awards on ITV, is complemented by out-of-home, print and social media activity. The campaign comes alongside a trio of media partnerships, including work featured in The Guardian, a partnership with Global covering 12 local Heart radio stations, and a series of business-based ads on Channel 4.

Visa invites people, whether they are consumers or entrepreneurs, to visit its website and see how the company can help them. The first ones can find inspiration and the business owners can find out how they can get the support digital tools they need to meet their customers needs.

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