U.S. Cellular Commercial: New Unlimited Plans at $30/Month

U.S. Cellular Commercial Girl

U.S. Cellular highlights, in its latest ad, that its new and improved unlimited plans start at only $30/month with 4 lines.

“At U.S. Cellular we heard you. And you want more. With new and improved unlimited plan options, still starting at only $30/month, you get more,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 30-second commercial, which features a diverse cast using their smartphones to watch videos, take selfies, and more. The voiceover then adds that “the best value in wireless just got better” and “better means more speed.” “Noticeably faster speeds and international coverage” are then mentioned, along with the fact that they “won’t break the bank”.

At the end of the spot, which is scored by a catchy dance tune, it is again highlighted that the new plans start at only $30/month. “It’s the more you asked for, but it still costs less,” the voiceover also says, adding the tagline “Choose fair”.

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