Toyota Christmas Commercial Song – People Making Giant Yellow Ribbon in Airport

Toyota Christmas Commercial - People Making Giant Yellow Ribbon in Airport

Toyota has released a new commercial that pulls at peoples’ heartstrings.

The spot, created by iCrossing and titled “Yellow Paper,” features a mother and her two kids as they get into their Toyota Highlander and drive to the airport to welcome their father. However, the latter, who it turns out is a soldier, doesn’t return home alone, but alongside many other soldiers. They are all welcome by their families and community members, who use pieces of yellow paper handed out across the airport by the two children, to make a giant yellow ribbon.

The commercial, set to the tune of “Welcome Home” by Joy Williams, ends with the woman hugging her husband, who – seeing the unexpected welcome, initially stops in his tracks.

The automaker also advertises its Winter Sale Event, which gives customers the chance to get deals on various Toyota models.

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