Stella Artois Christmas Commercial Song – Moments Worth Making

Stella Artois Christmas Commercial - Young Man And His Father

Stella Artois focuses, in its Christmas commercial, this year, on the “Moments Worth Making”. “The holidays are best when we get to spend time with the people that matter most to us, but with everything going on it’s not always easy to make time for those special moments. Sometimes we have to look beyond the obvious, beyond the parties and the big dinners to find a simple moment, a chance to share a Stella Artois, to begin a conversation and maybe even start a tradition”. This is the idea behind the holiday ad released by the beer brand, which features a young man and his father as they reconnect after a big holiday dinner. They share a Stella Artois in the kitchen, while everyone else is still at the dining table, and this becomes a tradition for them the following years.

Serving as soundtrack is the acoustic version of Aaron Espe’s 2019 single “Anytime I Go,” from his album of the same title.

The spot, created by agency VaynerMedia and available as different versions, is set to air nationally across various cable entertainment channels, primetime television, online streaming platforms and networks airing football programming. There will also be a digital integration via Twitter.ll also be a digital integration via Twitter.

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