Samsung Chewbacca Dog & Darth Vader Cat Commercial Song #RescueChewieDog

Samsung Chewbacca Dog Commercial - Rescue Chewie Dog

Samsung’s holiday campaign includes a spot that urges people to watch the upcoming Star Wars movie.

The commercial opens with a worker at an animal shelter taking a photo of a dog that looks like Chewbacca and urging people on social media to rescue him by using the #RescueChewieDog. A young girl who sees the picture wants so much to adopt him that she finds all the possible ways to stress her father – she sends the picture onto his computer, to his Galaxy Watch when he’s sleeping, and on TV, interrupting the football game he’s watching.
Eventually, the father agrees to get the pet and goes together with his daughter to the animal shelter, but the Chewie Dog was already adopted.

The ending is open, with the teenager setting her eyes on a Darth Vader cat.

“Seamless connectivity between Galaxy devices brings you together with what you love.” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which features John Williams’ “The Imperial March”.

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