Mercedes-Benz Grandparents Getting Married Commercial Song

Mercedes Commercial - Grandparents Getting Married

Mercedes-Benz advertises its on-board driver assistance UX in a heartwarming commercial, titled “Eternal Love,” that tells a story of enduring love.

The 2-minute film, created in-house at Daimler Creation and directed by Dorian & Daniel through View Element e on Element e, features a man in his MBUX-enhanced Mercedes-Benz as he’s driving down a roand and is having a conversation with his grandfather about his grandmother. When asked how he’s doing, the old man says that he’s ok but hasn’t slept much, sharing then memories about his wife a lot and the love they had for each other. “It’s never been easy for us. I was often out at sea for weeks. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part. She always said a loving heart can convey anything. I’ve never met anyone as strong as your grandma. And even if there was a whole ocean between us, coming home always felt like I’ve never been away,” says the grandfather, who it turns out is waiting in front of a church for his bride – the grandmother – who is brought by their grandson.

The commercial, shot in Scotland, features Oliver Savile as the driver, Brian Jackson and Sarah Willey as the driver’s grandparents and Jordan Alexander and Isabell Röden as the young versions of his grandparents.

The soundtrack music is “2wei” by Christian Vorländer and Simon Heeger.

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