John Lewis & Partners Christmas Advert Song – Red-Haired Girl and Little Dragon

John Lewis & Partners Christmas TV Advert - Red-Haired Girl and Little Dragon

John Lewis & Partners have released their Christmas advert, which encourages people to show their dear ones how much they care.

The spot, set in a medieval village, tells the story of a friendship between a young red-haired girl named Ava and a dragon named Edgar, who’s always lighting things on fire. From a snowman which he wants to complete by putting a carrot to on its head as its nose, to the iced lake, which he melts, to the Christmas tre, which he burns down right during the unveiling event, in the central square, he manages to cause lots of damages, to the despair of the local community. When he isolates himself in his home, the girl struggles to come up with an idea to get her friend out and join their fellow residents to the festive lunch. She gives him a present which it turns out is a Christmas pudding that Edgar sets alight in front of their neighbors, at a Christmas feast.

The song used in the ad is Bastille’s version of “Can’t Fight This Feeling” (originally by REO Speedwagon).

“The magic of friendship and making our loved ones feel special, are some of the most wonderful things about this time of year,” Martin George, partner and customer director of Waitrose & Partners, said in a press statement, revealing that the Christmas pudding scene is a “reminder that a thoughtful gesture – whether that’s a delicious meal or a special gift – can mean so much”.

The British department store is famous for its holiday ads, which are highly anticipated. In the past years, campaigns like The Journey, The Bear and the Hare, and The Long Wait quickly went viral.

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