Hyundai Smart Technology Sloth Couple Commercial Song

Hyundai Smart Technology Sloth Couple Commercial

Hyundai has launched a series of new ads, titled “Easy Life with Smart Technology,” to tout its smart technology.

The first episode features superstar JJ Giraffe, who appears on a talk show and shares his amazing experience with the new technologies. The second episode features a couple of sloths who, being slow at everything they do, used to take all day just to park a car. However, this becomes a thing of the past when they begin using Hyundai’s smart technologies. Given the fact that their car drives itself, parks itself, and navigates itself (just how JJ Giraffe was saying during the TV show he attended), the two life partners are now laughing at their neighbor, who’s still taking all day to park his car.

Throughout the ad, the Highway Driving Assist, the Lane Keeping Assist, the Remote Parking Assist system, as well as Motion Recognition, the automaker’s latest three-dimensional hand gesture recognition, which gives the driver greater control of multiple features, are showcased. The song playing in the ad is Sam Kramer’s single “Why Always Me”.

The smart technologies also include Driver State Monitoring, which monitors any signs of driver’s drowsiness, fatigue or distraction to effectively protect the driver from dangerous situations by triggering an alarm at an appropriate time, Smart Blind Spot Detection, Augmented Reality, Smart Traffic Jam Assist, Night View and Interactive Voice Recognition.

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