Beats by Dre New Solo Pro Headphones Billie Eilish Commercial Song – Everything I Wanted

Beats by Dre Billie Eilish Commercial

Earlier this week, on November 27, Beats by Dre released a new video in which Billie Eilish reveals the inspiration behind her latest track, “Everything I Wanted”.

The 30-second spot features the young artist wearing the new Solo Pro headphones with noise canceling in the studio, where she’s working on the song, and talking about the process of “It’s always a pretty present thing to make music. For me, Finneus can sit there and think and come up with a verse and I can’t. I have to hear something, I have to have an idea already,” she says. “I feel like there’s this whole thing about headphones, tuning everyone out, tuning everything out. But I’m tuning myself in,” she adds toward the end of the video, which showcases the range of Solo Pro.

“Everything I Wanted” was released earlier this month, on November 13, and peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, at number one on the charts in Ireland and Norway, at number two in Australia on the ARIA Charts and within the top ten of the charts in Belgium (Flanders), Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK.

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