Apple Christmas Commercial Song – Granddaughters Surprising their Grandfather

Apple Christmas Commercial - Granddaughters Surprising their Grandfather

Apple reminds us, through its Christmas commercial, titled “The Surprise,” that, “Sometimes, the best gifts can come from the most unexpected places”.

The 3-minute film, which touts the brand’s iPad, tells the story of one family who travel for the holidays to their grandfather’s house. During the road trip, the two daughters are fighting quite often, but they both get quiet when they’re given the iPad. Arrived at the old man’s home, they are asked by their parents to keep busy and do not disturb their granddad, who’s still mourning his wife’s loss. However, as they spend time there, they find some old family photos, take new ones and eventually they’re creating a slideshow that is showed as a Christmas present to their grandfather.

Throughout the ad, which is scored by Michael Giacchino’s song “Married Life,” some of the capabilities of the iPad are illustrated.

The iPad range includes iPad Pro (starting at $799), presented as “the most advanced iPad ever,” iPad Air (starting at $499), which delivers “Incredible power at an incredible value,” iPad (starting at $329), the brand’s most popular iPad, and the iPad Mini (starting at $399), which is “Small in size” but “Big on capability.”

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