Aeropostale Aero-World TisaKorean Commercial Song

Aeropostale Aero-World TisaKorean Commercial

Aéropostale has enlisted a host of artists to showcase its new collection, Aero-World. One of them is “the soapiest
rapper from Houston, Texas,” Tisakorean.

The young rapper begins by introducing himself and talks then about his style. “This is my style. You can’t put your hands around it. I want it to be when you see me I want you to be like ‘what is going on?’ It’s gonna be that type of ‘what is going on?” that you like. It’s like it’s just everywhere but I like it though. I can’t just grasp it. Everything I do, I make sure I bring out some positivity in it. I could be dancing, I’mma bring out the most positive positivity energy I could out of dancing. That’s my key. And then the cool thing about that is when I bring that out, that goes to everybody around me. That’s just energy. It’s a creative world. ” TisaKorean says in voiceover on the 50-second clip, which is scored by his song “Aero (Blow the Whistle)”.

Among the pieces he models are the plaid puffer coat, a long sleeve buffalo check crew tee, a faux fur hooded parka, a vertical Aero graphic pique polo, Aero87 taped jogger sweatpants, a long sleeve buffalo check button-down shirt, a color block sherpa jacket, and more.

The urban dance and rap artist, known for creating songs associated with the #woahchallenge and taking inspiration from comic books and anime for his music videos, has collaborated with Lil Uzi Vert.

The other youngsters starring in the brand’s Aero-World campaign are Cameron (dancer), Jax (dancer), Jeba, Julia, Kai, Kristya, and Tyler.

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