AA Insurance Dinosaur vs. Unicorn Commercial Song

AA Insurance Commercial - Dinosaur vs. Unicorn

New Zealand insurance company AA Insurance urges people to “Live a Little Freer” in its latest ad campaign, created in partnership with DDB New Zealand and titled “Live a Little Freer”.

The spot, which aims to inspire consumers to live free from worry about what could go wrong, features a dinosaur getting out of the shower in a family home and going downstairs, in the living room, where he starts a fight with a unicorn. As they are bumping and bashing about, various objects are almost damaged.

Towards the end of the spot, which is scored by Matt Monro’s single “Born Free,” it turns out the two characters are actually a father and a daughter who are playing.

The “Live a Little Freer” campaign also includes cinema, digital, radio and social media activity.

Gary Steele, executive creative director at DDB New Zealand, said that “The objective of Dinosaur vs Unicorn was to stray from the standard rhetoric around insurance, and act as a reminder that the best moments in life occur when you embrace the chaos and enjoy the moment, which is only possible when you know you’re insured.” Melodie Vickars, brand and marketing manager for AA Insurance, said that this campaign “really communicates” the idea that AA Insurance “is here for all New Zealanders, providing them with the cover they need to help them live their best lives”.

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