Volkswagen Tiguan Blonde Teenage Boy Texting While Walking Commercial Song – Turn Around, Look At Me

Volkswagen Tiguan Commercial - Blonde Teenage Boy Texting While Walking

“It’s important to remember we’re all on this road together. And if you forget, your Tiguan can help remind you.” this is the idea behind the latest commercial for the Volkswagen Tiguan, that focuses on the SUV’s Overhead View Camera.

The 30-second spot follows a teenage boy who’s walking down the streets with his eyes glued to the smartphone and earphones in his ears. Busy to write text messages, he doesn’t look in front of him not even for a second, which leads to a group of runners avoid him and, eventually, a family’s VW Tiguan. Thanks to the car’s Overhead View Camera, the mother that is at the wheel manages to brake in time, before hitting him.

“We’re all on this road together,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is scored by the song “Turn Around, Look At Me” by The Vogues.

First introduced on the Touareg, the Overhead View Camera or Area View Camera is a camera-based ambient monitoring system that uses 4 cameras and offers a 360-degree view of the immediate surroundings of the Volkswagen via the infotainment system, helping thus the driver during parking maneuvers and pulling out into traffic.

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