Visa Passing the Torch Bear Commercial Song

Visa Bear Mascot Costume Commercial

Visa continues its “Everywhere You Want To Be” campaign, that celebrates its status of partner of the NFL, with a new installment, encouraging people to tap to pay with Visa and pass the torch in their own special way.

The 30-second spot follows a bear mascot as it’s walking down the hallways, near the stadium, ahead of a NFL game, leaving everyone around almost in shock, with one exception: the ice-cream seller from whom the bear buys two ice creams. It soon turns out that under the costume of the bear, which seems real thanks to the additional makeup, is a mother who passes the torch to her little daughter, who’s also a Bears fan.

“Passing the torch. Where would you like to be?” the voiceover asks at the end of the commercial, which sees the mamma bear and her baby bear walking away to take their seats in the audience and watch the game. “Visa. Everywhere you want to be,” adds the voiceover.

Serving as soundtrack is “Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk!)” by American hip hop duo Ying Yang Twins, featuring Homebwoi, from their 2009 album “Legendary Status: Ying Yang Twins Greatest Hits”.

A previous commercial, featuring a barber on the move, showcased Visa’s mobile payment technology. Visa is known for having multiple celebrities starring in its advertising campaigns. The legendary quarterback Drew Brees was also featured paying for his products at CVS with VISA contactless in one of the spots. But he is only one of the NFL stars that appeared in Visa spots. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Jets defensive end Leonard Williams, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, as well as a variety of other athletes, have also advertised VISA’s products, services, and initiatives, including the “We’re All on the Same Team”, which encouraged people to join VISA in providing aid to hurricane victims in the Gulf Coast by donating to the American Red Cross.

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