Netflix Series: Nowhere Man (Trailer)

Nowhere Man Netflix Trailer Actor

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming original series Nowhere Man.

“Do choices dictate our fate? Or does fate decide for us?” this is the question raised by the show which, according to the official synopsis, revolves around Ah Quan (Joseph Chang) and his fellow triad brothers (Jeremiah Zhang, Po-chieh Wang, Ming-fu Zhou), to whom fate seems have left them few choices. “One mysterious night led the brothers down a convoluted web of love, hate, manipulation, and revenge. As a result, Ah Quan must do whatever it takes to save his family and himself, and finally face the consequences of his past choices,” the streaming service also reveals about the plot.

The cast also includes Alyssa Chia, Mavis Fan, and Greg Hsu.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse into the life of Ah Quan, who tells his wife, right the day she gave birth to their baby, to not wait for him. He ends up in prison. “Those who end up in here, it’s not the walls keeping them in. It’s their fate,” Chang’s character says. “Fate brought him here. Family will set him free” onscreen lines read throughout the trailer.

Nowhere Man launches on Netflix October 31st.

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