Mercury Insurance Wife Pulling Husband’s Tooth Commercial

Mercury Insurance Commercial Actress

Mercury Insurance continues its “The Cheapskates” campaign with a new installment, featuring another cheapskate couple.

“We’re big on saving money, so we’ve started doing our own dental work,” the woman says in the opening of the 30-second spot, which features her on top of her husband, in their kitchen, acting as a dentist. With the pliers in her hand, she pulls a tooth out of his mouth, while their kids are watching and commenting “Why don’t they switch to Mercury? They would save a lot of money”.

“Yeah, we’re smarter,” the father says after having his tooth pulled out, making the children roll their eyes.

The commercial ends with the company’s tagline, “The Smarter Way to Save,” flashing across the screen.

The Cheapskates campaign features various other bizarre ways to save money, such as using a bowl to cut the kid’s hair, using the neighbor’s sprinklers for showering, sharing your clothes with your significant other, relying on free samples to fill your dinner plate, sharing one set of batteries, offering the same gift on couple anniversary, and more.

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