Washington’s Lottery Seahawks Scratch Commercial Song

Washington's Lottery Seahawks Scratch Commercial

Washington’s Lottery introduces the Wingman 12000 in a new commercial, that promotes the Seahawks Scratch.

The spot follows a man who walks down the streets with a seahawk on his shoulder that turns the clothes of people passing by in Seahawks-themed clothes.

The soundtrack music is “Candles On The Cake” by Mark G Hart & Stephen Emil Dudas.

Washington’s Lottery’s $5 Seahawks Scratch gives players a chance to win $75k or an ultimate experience with Seahawks legend Cligg Avril. The Meet & Greet prize package (foreseen for 8 winners per drawing) includes Meet & Greet with Avril, two Club Level game tickets, one-night hotel stay at Embassy Suites, brunch at Verizon Lounge, pregame sideline passes, autographed replica helmet, one pack (50 tickets) “Seahawks” Scratch Tickets, $200 Pro Shop gift card, $100 Visa gift card, and $50 Concession dollars. The promotion takes place from August 19th 2019 through January 11th, 2020.

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