Monster Roam2 Portable Floating Speaker Commercial Song

Monster Roam2 Portable Floating Speaker Commercial Girl

Monster Inc. showcases its new Waterproof Roam2 Portable Speaker in a new commercial, highlighting that this device floats.

The spot opens with a group of friends at a pool party, with one of the participants throwing the Monster’s Roam2 speaker into the pool, where it floats. It also features a family on a boat, listening to music on the Roam 2, thanks to the fact that it has a 20-hour battery life.

The ad informs that the Roam2 has advanced IPX67 Waterproof Rating, Bluetooth, 30 Watts of power, and 20 hour battery life.

The soundtrack music is “Cold Plunge” by OjOutLaw, from his 2018 album “Cold Plunge”.

Monster Inc. has also released other commercials, presenting other devices including the portable video infotainment system Monster Vision, with 15.6″ 1080p HP LCD screen, 50 watts of power, and compatible with all HDMI streaming devices, the new Decora speaker, with Alexa voice control, the solar-powered “Solara” portable Bluetook speaker, and the “Rock N’ Roller 3” portable indoor/outdoor wireless speaker.

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