McDonald’s McCafé Commercial Song – There’s Good Around Every Corner

McDonald's McCafé Commercial Actors

McDonald’s McCafé has launched a new ad campaign, aimed at reminding people that “There’s Good Around Every Corner”.

The 30-second commercial depicts various everyday situations in which different people, including kids, make a random act of kindness for those around them. Thus, a little girl walking on the sidewalk with her mom is seen lifting an old man’s hat, a teacher is seen bringing a cup of coffee for each of her colleagues, in the morning, a woman is seen using her sprinkler to help a bunch of kids refresh themselves when the sprinkler they’re trying to use is not working, and another woman, a McDonald’s customer who has just brought a cup of coffee, holds the door open for another woman that wants to enter.

“There’s a little good around every corner,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is scored by Nappy Roots’ “Good Day”.

The fast-food chain also advertises, in a spot entitled “Keep the Good Going,” its McCafé Rewards, which allows customers to get a free cup of coffee when they buy five cups of freshly brewed McCafé Premium Roast Coffee.

Moreover, to mark the 10-year anniversary of its McCafé brand, McDonald’s is also distributing 500 McCafé cards to restaurant-goers that give them a free small cup of coffee and then they’re supposed to hand the card off to someone else. There also is the McCafé Be A Brew-Gooder sweepstakes, taking place from August 26 through September 29. Those willing to participate are encouraged to nominate someone who “has done something good big or small” for a chance to win McCafé for Life for themselves and their nominee. Nominations can be submitted through Twitter, Instagram or an entry form on the McDonald’s app or

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