Lied aus der Vodafone CallYa Digital Werbung

Vodafone CallYa Digital Werbung

Vodafone Deutschland advertises its new fare offering, “CallYa Digital,” in a new commercial, the carries the tagline “The Power of Freedom”.

The spot, aimed to highlight that “With 10 gigabytes of data you get ‘The Power of Freedom’ in a super flexible high-speed tariff, opens with a young couple underwater and goes on with the two lovers emerging to the surface and up in the air, above the clouds.

“Enjoy the power of freedom,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which is scored by the 2018 hit single “Where we come alive” by American singer-songwriter Ruelle.

The carrier’s CallYa Digital offers customers maximum flexibility, maximum LTE speed (500 megabits per second), a total of 10 gigabytes of data, a voice and SMS Allnet flat, as well as EU roaming, all for 20 Euros per month, with no contractual obligations. Moreover, the plan combines convenient service with full flexibility thanks to its two special features: it allows customers to pause the automatic debit of their account when they don’t need the data and record it just as easily after the break.

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