Jeep Compass Commercial Song – Coworkers Driving Through the Rain

Jeep Compass Red Commercial

Jeep promotes its annual Jeep Adventure Days deal, which can save customers thousands of dollars with their purchase of a Jeep model, in a series of new ads, that showcase the Compass, the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee.

The spot that focuses on the Compass features three co-workers who, finding themselves in the dark at the office after the lights went down because of the storm, get into the Jeep Compass in search for better weather. They drive out of the city, through a forest and up on a hill, thanks to the SUV’s off-road capabilities, where they can enjoy an amazing view. “It’s the ones who don’t let anything get in their way who really get somewhere,” the voiceover says toward the end of the commercial, adding the tagline “Jeep Compass. There’s only one”.

The soundtrack music is “Dirty Paws” by Icelandic indie folk/pop band Of Monsters And Men, from the 2011 album “My Head Is An Animal”.

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