eBay Deals Every Day Store Employee Putting Signs in Window Commercial Song

eBay Holiday Sale Commercial

eBay has launched a series of new ads to highlight that it has deals everyday, not just holidays.

One of the spots, dubbed “Too-early holiday moments,” features a store employee placing in the window various signs to promote different sales. Thus, after a “Sweltering Summer Sale,” follows – according to the sign – a “Really Really Really Early Holiday Sale,” then “The Only 100 Days Until Christmas Sale,” then “The Still September Christmas Sale,” “The Earliest Black Friday Ever Sale,” and finally “The You Haven’t Gotten Presents Yet!? Sale”.

The commercial, released with the #HolidayChill hashtag and scored by holiday music – “Deck The Halls” by Carol Singers – ends with the lines “Outsmart holiday creep. Get deals every day. Not just the holidays” flashing across the screen.

“Let’s all agree to enjoy fall for a minute before turning up all the holiday chatter. This year, we’re avoiding any of that talk until the season is actually here,” the e-commerce company declares, wishing everyone “Merry Fall”.

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