Desigual Forwards Is Boring Commercial

Desigual Forwards Is Boring Commercial Girl

Spanish clothing brand Desigual has launched its first manifesto campaign, described as “a declaration of principles and intentions, an open and universal invitation to look at things from another perspective.”

The campaign film, entitled “Forwards is Boring,” features a diverse cast modeling various styles from the brand’s new collection, while in the background a child voiceover recites the following anthem:

“Forwards is Boring. Why should A go to Z?
Who decided 1, 2 and then 3?
Sometimes, to really move forward you have to think backwards.
We were born to play.
On an island with no rulebook,
where the only season is summer.
And it’s too hot for logic.
Where nonsense makes more sense.
The world needs illogical minds.
Who question questions.
Who say ‘No’ to normal.
Who know that difference
makes the difference.
And to turn this world around
we are gonna need to turn some heads.

The launch of the “Forwards Is Boring” campaign also marks the moment the Barcelona-based brand has literally flipped its logo and the script on posters, allowing passersby to decipher them via selfie mode on smartphone camera.

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