Big W Girl with Unicorn Circlet at Birthday Party Commercial Song

Big W Australia Commercial - Girl with Unicorn Circlet at Birthday Party

Australian chain of discount department stores Big W highlights, in its latest commercial, that “Every day’s a big day” and that BIG W is always there “with everything you need to make it happen, to make a real difference”.

The spot opens with a mother in bed looking at a photo of her little daughter, taken during her birthday party, when she blew out the candles. As the video continues it takes viewers on a journey back in time, before the respective party, giving them a glimpse into the everyday life of that family, which includes regular activities, such as mealtime, bath time, story-time, lunch boxes, washing, drop-offs, pick-ups, homework and swimming practice.

Eventually, the mother is seen in a Big W store, looking at an unicorn-themed circlet, which gives her the idea to buy it for her daughter’s birthday party.

Serving as soundtrack is the 1967 single “Happy Together” by American rock band the Turtles from their third studio album, “Happy Together”.

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