AT&T Boy Band Commercial Song

AT&T Boy Band Commercial

AT&T has released a hilarious new ad to highlight that you get a better than just OK unlimited plan when you choose Spotify Premium on America’s best network.

The spot features a fictional boy band performing on a stage, in front of thousands of people, without dancing, though. One of the men in the audience, the father of a teenage girl (played by actor Kash Abdulmalik), who can’t help moving to the rhythms of the catchy dance tune, is shown asking “Are we supposed to dance?” and then busting some dance moves but stopping immediately because no one else in the crowd was dancing.

“Boy bands without dancing are just OK. Get a better than just OK unlimited plan with Spotify Premium included on America’s best network, only from AT&T” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

The ad was highly praised and the song, whose lyrics include “Summertime lover. Give me one chance, I’ll treat you like a princess,” even more. So much that a young woman named Alicia Dolata started a petition to AT&T to make this song a “real song”. As of today, September 20, 104 persons signed the petition.

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