Apple Arcade Commercial Song – Play extraordinary

Apple Arcade Games Commercial

Apple has released a commercial for its Arcade app, now available for download on the App Store, encouraging people to enjoy groundbreaking new games made by many of the world’s most innovative developers.

The 30-second ad includes footage from several games including “Hot Lava” by Klei Entertainment, “Where Cards Fall” by Snowman, “Skate City” by Snowman/Agens, “Lego Brawls” by Lego/RED Games, “Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm” by Cornfox & Bros., “Shinsekai Into the Depths” by Capcom, “Frogger in Toy Town” by Konami/Q-Games, “Sayonara Wild Hearts” by Annapurna Interactive/Simogo, “Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree” by Wildboy Studios, “Yaga” by Versus Evil/Breadcrumbs Interactive, “Overland” by Finji, “Way of the Turtle” by Illusion Labs, “Cat Quest II” by The Gentlebros, “Spek.” by RAC7, “Spidersaurs” by WayForward, “Jenny LeClue – Detectivu” by Mografi, “A Fold Apart” by Lightning Rod Games, “ChuChu Rocket! Universe” by Sega Hardlight, and “Sneaky Sasquatch” by RAC7. These and many others are all available in one subscription, which gives access for up to six family members, with no ads and no additional purchases. Players can jump from iPhone to iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2019 single “Wow” by All Talks.

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