Amazon Free Shipping on Furniture Guy on Dining Table Commercial Song

 Amazon Furniture Commercial - Guy on Dining Table

Amazon invites people to discover Amazon Home in a hilarious new commercial, that highlights that, with Prime membership, there is free delivery even on furniture.

The 30-second ad, from agency Droga4, features a young man in his apartment, scrolling through Amazon Home and finding an extendable farmhouse dining table, which he begins to picture in a certain place, in the living room. He soon finds himself daydreaming about the dinners he would host and, as he does that, another version of him shows up, caressing the table and even laying on it. Eventually, he wakes up from his fantasy and decides to turn the dream into reality by purchasing it.

The song used in the commercial is Jeffrey Osborne’s “On The Wings Of Love”.

This is not the first time the online retailer advertises its free shipping on furniture. Another commercial, released earlier this year, in April, featured a man daydreaming about a bed he found on Amazon Home. Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe service, which allows customers to try the clothes they want before buying them, is also promoted in similar ads, with people who start to imagine themselves wearing the pieces they found online.

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