Air New Zealand & DOC Threatened Species Nature Needs Us Commercial Song

Air New Zealand Commercial Actress

Air New Zealand continues its “Where to Next?” campaign, described as “a celebration of the unique Kiwi spirit”, with a new installment, that focuses on the support the airline provides for the conservation of the country’s endangered species.

The commercial, scored by a cover version of “Tomorrow” from the 1982 musical “Annie,” performed by Gin Wigmore, shows one of the ways in which Air New Zealand, as national partner for conservation of the Department of Conservation, provides transportation of some of the most endangered species and the conservation dogs that work to protect them, around the country.

Air New Zealand flies a diverse range of endangered species, from birds to reptiles and invertebrates and ensures that, whether they’re flying for genetic and population management, to see a vet for an illness, or to establish new populations at safe breeding sites, they’re well cared for.

The “Where to Next?” campaign, launched in August 2015, also features Hollywood environmentalist, actor, director, and UN Environment Ambassador Adrian Grenier. He appears, alongside world-leading scientists and support staff, in Air New Zealand’s Antarctic safety video, which highlights the critical importance of Antarctica in understanding the impacts of a warming world.

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