Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans Commercial Song – Dog Diving in Inflatable Pool


Quicken Loans Commercial - Dog Diving in Inflatable Pool

Quicken Loans has released a new ad, urging people to take the next step towards the home of their dreams at today.

The 30-second spot, entitled “More Than A Yard,” opens with a dog chasing a butterfly across a green field, in the middle of nature, with Bob Dylan’s 1970 song “The Man in Me” serving as soundtrack. When the voiceover says “Home – it’s so much more than a house,” it turns out the dog is actually is the backyard, jumping around and diving into a small inflatable pool, not into a lake, as juxtaposed footage shows. “It’s your own personal playground,” the voiceover also says, adding then that “For over 30 years, Rocket Mortgage has been helping millions of Americans finance the home of their dreams, so you can spend your time making your house home”.

This is not the first installment aimed at highlighting that home is much more than a house and that Rocket Mortgage has been helping millions of Americans to finance the home of their dreams. A previous spot featured a man lounging on an inflatable in the clear water of the ocean, near an exotic island, when he was actually lounging in his pool, at home, surrounded by his kids.

Over the years, the mortgage lending company has also teamed up with actor/comedian Keegan-Michael
Key, actor Ryan Kitley, and pro golfer Rickie Fowler to promote its Rocket Mortgage app, which helps customers, with on-demand assistance from licensed mortgage advisers available with just a tap, to go through the loan process at their own pace.

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