Paddy Power Save Our Shirt Advert Song


Paddy Power Shirts Advert

Paddy Power has launched a new campaign, called “Save Our Shirt,” that implies “unsponsoring” football shirts.

The ad depicts a variety of scenarios in which several men are wearing T-shirts featuring different messages that put them in uncomfortable situations. Thus, a man at a bus station flirting with a blonde woman finds himself suddenly rejected after she notices the text on his jersey (“LittleBluePill”), three football fans are laughed at because of the text imprinted on their T-shirts (Mr. Softy”), another man makes an Asian couple burst into laughter when they see the message on his T-shirt.

The soundtrack music is “I Love My Shirt” by Donovan, which appears on his 1969 album, “Barabajagal”, and on the 2002 album “Pied Piper”.

As part of the campaign, the betting company’s logo will not feature on the jerseys as well as perimeter boards or interview backdrops of the participating teams. The Shrimpers, Huddersfield Town, Motherwell and Newport County will wear jerseys with no sponsorship logo imprinted on it next season. Paddy Power has also announced that Southend United have also joined the campaign. “We’re delighted that Southend United have joined our Save Our Shirt campaign, making it four British clubs who have been unsponsored by Paddy Power for this season ahead,” a Paddy Power spokeperson said in a press statement.

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