Morrisons Advert Song: Teenage Boy Going to University

Morrisons TV Advert - Family

Morrisons continues its “Our Brand. Lower Prices” campaign with a new installment. This time, the spot features a teenager boy as he packs to go to college. While he grabs a personalized cup and puts it in a box next to some other of his personal items, his mother, who’s writing down things she needs to buy – such as pizza, pasta and cornflakes – asks him if there is anything else he needs. Her son says he wants some biscuits and her daughter also takes the opportunity to remind her to get some tissues, as well. The advert then goes on with Morrisons employees at work, while the voiceover says “Every day we deliver over fifty million items to our stores to make sure that we’ve got everything you need, whenever you need it”.

At the end of the video, the boy is seen saying goodbye to his mom and hugging her before getting in the car and leaving with his father. A variety of Morrisons-branded products, including Choco Pillows, biscuits and pasta, are then showcased on screen, along with their prices, which are cheaper than branded equivalents at Morrisons.

The song used in the ad is George Ezra’s 2018 single “Pretty Shining People,” from his second studio album, “Staying at Tamara’s”.

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