Jeep Wrangler Commercial Song: Young & Old Couples Kissing in the Ocean

Jeep Wrangler Commercial

Jeep showcases its Wrangler in a new commercial, that features a song written by Katelyn Tarver, the winner of NBC’s Songland Season 1.

The 90-second ad, directed by Joseph Kahn, follows a long-time married couple driving a Wrangler and traveling places they used to go in their young years. Juxtaposed scenes feature the protagonists both as a young couple and as a much older couple, who are now aware of their Wrangler’s off-road capabilities and take advantage of them as much as possible. They are seen hiking, surfing and kissing passionately in the ocean before the end of the video, which sees the old man giving the car keys to a young couple for a test drive on the beach and then two kids holding hands on the same beach as a metaphor for the feeling Jeep helps them experience – of being much younger than they really are. “Jeep – There’s only one” an onscreen line reads as the commercial ends.

The song serving as soundtrack is titled “Young” and is performed by Old Dominion.

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