IKEA New Disposables Range Commercial Song – People Eating from their Hands

IKEA New Disposables Range Commercial - Hej!

IKEA has released a hilarious new ad to introduce its new, more sustainable food containers made from only renewable materials.

“Imagine a life without disposables,” the voiceover says at the beginning of the 60-second spot, which features various people eating food directly from their hands. Thus, a man is seen eating ice cream from the palm of his hand, another one is seen taking a seat at a table with his hands serving as bowl for a salad, which he eats without using a fork, a woman is seen trying to drink her coffee in the car from the palms of her hands, as well.

The voiceover points out that it would be a bit messy and that we do need disposables for a life on the go because “they keep us safe and make sure we can enjoy good stuff wherever we are.” “So, being a company present all over the world, serving hundreds of millions of cups of beverages, we need to make not just cups, but all our disposables better for both people and the planet,” the voiceover also says, introducing the retailer’s new range of disposables, described as “a much more sustainable way to handle food on the go,” “made from materials from renewable sources”. The ad also highlights that this line-up of new disposables “is much more in tune with mother nature” as it aims to phase out single-use plastic and urges people to say “Hey” to great food on the go.

The soundtrack music is the 2018 song “Cartoon Life” by Violentlyll, from the album “Illstrumentals, Vol. 1”.

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