Travis Mathew The Starter Commercial Song

TravisMathew Commercial Girl

The brand of golf apparel Travis Mathew introduces, in a new commercial, The Starter, described as “the man who will guide you through what’s okay to wear on the back nine and what’s better left to the beach or the bar”.

The spot features The Starter approaching a golf player and telling him he can’t play dressed looking the way he does. “Are you kidding? This is Travis Mathew,” answers his “target,” but The Starter says he has never heard of Travis Mathew and asks him to go change. He then finds something to criticize in every outfit the player wears, including sandals, denim, and more. When he is finally satisfied with the result, he asks the player to hurry up because the course closes in about 13 minutes. “You probably have better luck at the bar,” The Starter adds. At this point, a young woman passing by at the wheel of a golf cart can’t help but stare at the young man and flirt with him.

The end of the commercial sees the latter and the gorgeous lady hanging out at the bar, with drinks in their hands.

The song playing in the background is “We Came To Win” by King Cairo & Sha’Ki.

Founded in 2007 and based in Southern California, TravisMathew is a line of clothing designed for golfers by a golfer, Travis Johnson. The men’s sportswear brand was purchased in 2017 by Callaway Golf for $125 million.

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