Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine Commercial Opera Song

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine Commercial Actress

Samsung showcases some of the most innovative features of its QuickDrive washing machine in a series of new ads.

One of them, that focuses on the Eco Bubble technology, which delivers a powerful, but gentle cleaning performance to wash your laundry, even at low temperatures, shows a young woman who’s washing one of her sweaters made in gentle fabric before a dinner party that she and her husband host. During the washing, she manages – just like her Samsung QuickDrive washing machine, to keep delicates safe. When her partner is about to push a glass vase to the floor with his elbow, she makes it just in time to catch it.

The end of the spot sees her wearing the cashmere jumper at the party, talking to one of her guests, who seems to compliment her outfit.

The soundtrack music is Strauss II’s “Voci di primavera,” performe by Orchestra Filarmonica Di Vienna.

The brand has also highlighted, in previous ads, other technologies of the QuickDrive Washing Machine, including the VRT-M technology, which reduces even small noises and vibration during washes thanks to a 3 Dimensional Vibration Sensor system, the Laundry Recipe, which acts as your personal laundry expert and recommends the optimal wash cycle for each load, the AddWash door, which lets you simply and quickly add extra laundry items or more detergent after your wash cycle has already started, and also allows you to easily pop in hand-washed clothes that you just want to rinse or spin dry, and the “Q-Drum”.

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