Reebok Vintage Sneaker Cardi B in Beauty Shop Fingernails Commercial Song

Reebok Cardi B in Beauty Shop Fingernails Commercial

Reebok showcases the Reebok Classic Club C85 Vintage in a new commercial, that also pays homage to Cardi B’s past.

The spot, part of the brand’s “Sport The Unexpected” platform, features the Bronx rapper in a beauty shop, having her finger nails done. At some point, while having a conversation with the woman next to her, everyone else in the salon look at her unlaced sneaker, willing to see how she will tie it. She finds a way to do it: through magic. Her nails grow to the ground to her sneakers and, once the shoes are tied, they return to their regular length. “Nailed it,” she says, continuing then her conversation.

The soundtrack music was composed by Production Music and is called “Nails Did'”.

The Club C85 Vintage sneaker features a classic lineage and a Union Jack symbol along the side profile. It comes in four shades – chalk, glen green, paperwhite, and excellent red – and is available for both men and women for $75. The “Nailed It” T-shirt Cardi wore in the ad is also available for purchase, for $35.

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