Oreo Stay Playful Father Playing Checkers with Son Advert Song

Oreo Advert - Father Playing Checkers with Son

Oreo continues its global “Stay Playful” campaign with a new ad that runs in the UK and celebrates modern dads.

The spot features a father who, seeing his preteen son playing chess on his tablet, comes up with the idea of playing chess using Oreos as pieces. They are also shown having fun together by dunking Oreos and eating them, while in the background an original song is playing. “I wish that we could be the way we used to be. So come with me, let’s go, back to the place we know. We can do it if we just stay playful,” the lyrics say.

The “Stay Playful” campaign, from The Martin Agency, debuted earlier this year, in February, with a TV commercial starring musician Wiz Khalifa and his 5-year-old son Sebastian, that premiered during the Grammy Awards on February 10 and ran in North America. For the soundtrack, the rapper recorded an original song entitled “Playful 4 Life,” whose lyrics declare “They say we’re too grown for fun? We say playful’s never done”.

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