Jeep Terrains Juventus Players Commercial Song

Jeep Terrains Juventus Commercial

“True strength comes from wild origins. Only those who never stop at any obstacle, no matter the terrain, and always seek new challenges, become legends. Legends aren’t born. They’re made.” This is the idea behind the latest commercial released by Jeep, that celebrates Juventus and its players, who – just like the automotive brand – have never stopped despite obstacles, overcoming the challenges that life threw at them.

The spot, created by Leo Burnett, Italy, and entitled “Terrains,” aims to illustrate how many professional football players who are now playing for Juventus have played since childhood on the hardest terrains. Thus, viewers are taken on a journey back in time, “sometime in the ’90s,” when a young boy living in Portugal, another one living in Argentina, another one living in France and another one living in Italy are all playing football in different places, on different terrains, from concrete to the beach, and more, and during different types of weather. The video also includes footage of different Jeep models as they’re driving through the hardest terrains.

“Legends aren’t born. They’re made.” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which features cameos from Cristiano Ronaldo, Giorgio Chiellini (jersey no. 3), Federico Bernardeschi (jersey no. 33) Wojciech Szczesny (goalkeeper), Blaise Matuidi (jersey no. 14), and the song “Ain’t Gonna Stop Me” by Konata Small.

The spot is part of a partnership renewed for the 4th consecutive season, that will see the Jeep brand as an official sponsor of Juventus, supporting the Italian champions in all the major Italian and International competitions.

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