James Villa Holidays Curly Brunette Girl Advert Song

James Villa Holidays Advert - Curly Brunette Girl

A brand new TV advert from James Villas highlights that you can have good times at your place, whenever you feel like it with James Villas.

Released with the tagline “Your holiday, your way,” the spot features a group of people at a party at a young woman’s place. They are having drinks, playing cards, listening to music and dancing, until someone knocks at the door. It’s an old lady from a neighboring apartment, who ruins their evening. “Good times at your place whenever the heck you feel like it?” the voiceover asks toward the end of the advert, which also sees the message “Yes You Can” flashing across the screen, while the brunette woman is then shown hosting a party and having fun with her friends on a James Villas holiday.

The soundtrack music is “Do What I Do” by Cleveland-based singer Lady Bri (Brianne Bryant by her real name), from her 2018 album, “Makin’ a Move”.

UK’s leading villa holiday specialist aims to “help make the process of deciding a destination and booking your dream holiday as relaxing and enjoyable as the experience itself” and inspire you to “create a holiday that is unique and special to you – one that will fit your needs exactly”.

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