Fiat 500 Dolcevita Commercial – July Forever

Fiat 500 Dolcevita Commercial

Fiat showcases the new “stylish, lively and exclusive” 500 Dolcevita in a new commercial.

The spot, part of a campaign that celebrates the car’s 62nd anniversary, follows the Fiat 500 Dolcevita special edition – both the hatchback and the convertible trims – in different places along the Italian Riviera, with focus on particular features, such as the exclusive Dolcevita capote, the diamond finish alloy wheels, the new nautical wood dashboard, and the new leather seats with wicker like inserts.

“New Fiat 500 Dolcevita. July forever,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which is set to the tune of an Italian song.

Unveiled earlier this month, the Dolcevita model comes with the 68bhp 1.2-litre non-turbocharged petrol engine and features “Bossa Nova” white paint, white 16-inch alloy wheels, two red pinstripes that run all the way round the car, mirror caps, body mouldings and bonnet line all finished in chrome, and a nautical-themed interior, with ivory-coloured leather seats, ivory floor mats, red accents and a “wicker-inspired” centre console. While the hatchback boasts a fixed glass roof, the convertible model gets an exclusive white and blue fabric roof designed to evoke the deck chairs and beach umbrellas of the Italian Riviera.

The Fiat 500 Dolcevita will be available to order at the end of July, with prices starting from £17,995 for the hatchback and £20,995 for the 500C convertible version.

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