Brioni Primo Suit Armie Hammer Commercial Song

Brioni Primo Suit Armie Hammer Commercial

Brioni introduces, in a new ad, the “Primo” suit, a contemporary interpretation of the brand’s iconic tailoring embodied by American actor Armie Hammer.

The spot, released with the #BeginYourLegend hashtag, follows the Call Me By Your Name star as he arrives on set riding a bike and wearing a Primo suit. He then leaves his bike and goes backstage, where he interacts with different people, receives a script and takes a seat at a table, ready for scene 1, take 1.

Serving as soundtrack is “The Sixty Four Thousand Dollar Question” by Peter Sivo Band.

According to the fashion house, “Primo,” named after the Italian word for “first”, “articulates signature Brioni features with a modern twist, ensuring artistry and precision, underpinned by the finest wool fabrics and finishes”.

The Italian menswear brand has recently announced American actor Matt Dillon as the face of its Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign, entitled “Tailoring Legends”. “Considered one of the most respected actors of his generation, Dillon reinforces the brand’s bond with Hollywood,” Brioni wrote on social media about the partnership with Dillon.

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