Specsavers Glaucoma Don’t Lose the Picture Sheepdog Advert Song

Specsavers Sheepdog Advert

Specsavers has launched a new ad, urging people to make sure they get their eyes tested today and catch glaucoma in time.

The spot, released for 2019’s Glaucoma Awareness Week, reimagines the optician chain’s famous black and white “Should’ve gone to Specsavers” sheepdog ad, with the visuals slowly replaced by a written description. Thus, the veteran sheep shearing champion Arthur Arthurson (portayed by Faroese shepherd Peter Andreas Petersen) is seen bringing his sheep from the hills with the help of his faithful Border collie, Ben, and herding them into his little yard, for their spring shearing. The ad illustrates how the person witnessing the scenes slowly loses sight until it becomes dark.

“Don’t lose the picture. Glaucoma can steal your sight. Catch it in time. Book an eye test online,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert.

The soundtrack music is the old Irish song “Mo Ghile Mear” (My Gallant Darling), written in the Irish language by Seán Clárach Mac Domhnaill in the 18th century and performed by Irish born, London based violinist, violist, singer and multi-instrumentalist Una Palliser.

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