Samsung Galaxy Dancing Baby Commercial Song

Samsung Galaxy Commercial - Dancing Baby

Samsung is introducing the Galaxy S10, Buds, Watch Active and Tab S5e – a suite of products designed to work together seamlessly right out of the box, and highlights, in a new funny commercial, that you can seamlessly connect your Galaxy S10 to WatchActive and Buds.

The 45-second spot, titled “Samsung Galaxy: Seamlessly connect your Galaxy,” features the parents of a toddler who accidentally discover that their toddler stops crying when he hears the song used as ringtone by his father, who’s using a Galaxy S10+, namely Party Up by American rapper DMX. The man, who initially declined the call from his Galaxy Watch Active with a swipe, realizes that the solution to make the kid stop crying is to play that particular song, so he plays it on the phone again and later on their Samsung TV, which allows the mother to get ready to leave the house.

The end of the commercial sees the baby dancing happily to the catchy song.

The South Korean tech giant explains, on its website, in the Connected Plus section, how you can connect the wearables to the brand’s latest flagship smartphone.

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