Peugeot 308 Commercial Song – Car Choreography

Peugeot 308 Commercial

Peugeot has launched a new commercial for the Peugeot 308, created by agency BETC.

Directed by John S. Park and produced by Quad, the ad, shot on the Vitacura airbase in Chile, features eight Peugeot 308 as they rush forward, followed by another one, that surpasses them. What ensues is a car choreography set to the frequencies of an equalizer to demonstrate the new 8-speed automatic transmission with adaptive cruise control and new driving aids of the 308, including Blind Spot Monitoring.

The soundtrack music is a song called “Peugeot on the beat” and composed by Christopher Hollis, Nicolas Kozuch, and Greg Blackman. The track is not available for purchase.

According to the automaker, the compact PEUGEOT 308 sedan combines a sophisticated design, clean-cut style, and numerous technological innovations.

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