Perrier Mona Lisa Escaping from Museum Commercial Song

Perrier Mona Lisa Advert Girl

Perrier has brought Mona Lisa to life in its latest campaign, created in collaboration with Rosapark agency.

The commercial, directed by Manu Cossu, one of the directors behind the “Hot Air Balloons” spot launching Perrier’s “Extraordinaire Perrier” brand platform in 2015, sees Gioconda getting out of her frame and stepping out into the world after seeing a forgotten Perrier bottle in front of her frame, at the museum. She then embarks on a night adventure across Paris, living her best life. She grabs a pair of sunglasses, starts dancing in the subway, discovers things like jump rope and modern fashion, and learns she’s not a fan of hot peppers.

Set to Duke Ellington’s classic “Caravan,” the ad raises the question “How far will your thirst for the extraordinary take you?”.

The commercial, available as 6-, 10-, 20- and 30-second version, runs on broadcast, digital and social media.

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