Peloton Commercial Song – One Subscription For the Whole Family

Peloton Commercial Girl

Peloton celebrates its status as “The Best Cardio Machine On The Planet” (as it was named by Men’s Health) in a new commercial, highlighting that one of the many parts that make Peloton “the best” in this field is the subscription with all the profiles you need.

“One subscription for the whole family. Just one part of the best cardio machine on the planet,” the voiceover says on the 15-second spot, which features the members of a family using the Peloton bike.

The song playing in the background is the 2019 single “Juice” by American singer and rapper Lizzo, from her third and debut major-label studio album, “Cuz I Love You”.

At the brand’s website, you can purchase what you need to start training, whether it’s just the Peloton Bike, warranty and Membership, which gets you unlimited access to Peloton classes, or accessories to equip you and your family. There are four different packages, that include the Peloton Bike and several other benefits and/or items, based on the acquired package. Thus, there is the Basics Package ($2,245), which includes the Peloton Bike, 1 year Limited Warranty and delivery and setup, the Essentials Package ($2,404), which also includes, besides the content of the Basics Package, one pair of shoes, weights and headphones, the Works Package ($2,494), which also includes, besides the content of the Essentials Package, a bike mat and heart rate monitor, and the Family Package ($2,694), which includes, besides the Works Package, two water bottles, one extra pair of shoes, one extra pair of headphones, and one extra heart rate monitor.

All Bike packages require a monthly Peloton Membership. Users can access unlimited class content for $39/month, with the possibility to pause or cancel anytime. Membership fees are billed on Bike activation.

The in-studio classes start at $20 for new members. For those who are not a Tread or Bike owner, the classes are available on Peloton Digital for $19.49 per month.

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