Jeep Wrangler Proud Bloodline Commercial Song

Jeep Celebration Event Commercial

Jeep showcases the 2019 Jeep Wrangler in a new commercial, that celebrates the brand’s bloodline and highlights that “you’re not just driving a Wrangler, you’re joining a family”.

“Ours is a proud bloodline. We hail from the battlefields to the badlands. From the mountains and the midtowns. From the islands to the highlands. And directly to those who understand that when you get behind the wheel you’re not just driving a Jeep Wrangler, you’re joining a family,” says the voiceover on the 30-second spot, which includes archival footage of militaries riding a Jeep, various people performing different sports, as well as the brand’s line-up.

At the end of the ad, onscreen lines inform that the Wrangler was named SUV of the Year 2019 by Motortrend. The Jeep Celebration Event, which gives customers the chance to purchase select models with convenient leases and discounts, is also promoted.

Serving as the soundtrack is the 2018 single “Power Over Me” by Irish singer/songwriter Dermot Kennedy, from his self-titled album, released in 2019.

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